Kids Korner

It’s important to us that kids have fun. It’s even better if they learn while doing so. That’s why we have created Kids Korner.

Kids Korner aims to compliment the game of Tri Tag Rugby for young children by providing key nutritional information, tips on what to eat before and after a match, and a clear and simple breakdown of how Tri Tag Rugby is played.

We also know, in order to get more than 3 seconds of their attention, you need to speak their language. That’s why all key messaging is delivered by our favourite animated Groodle and Kangaroo, Tri Taggers Timmy and Tammy.

Parents can also access healthy snack and lunchbox ideas for their Children.

Keep an eye out for Kids Korner, coming soon in the official Tri Tag Rugby app.

As a preview though, and in order for your kids to better understand Tri Tag Rugby, we have provided Timmy and Tammy’s breakdown of the rules below.